Audio Branding

Enhance Your Company Image with Audio Branding

An important part of any business is the initial customer contact experience. We at Coops Solutions offer a professional audio branding production service which we call CoopsAudio, a consistent caller experience that gives your business that professional image. It can be the difference between one customer choosing your services over a competitor.

Our professional services include On-Hold Marketing, Auto Attendance, Out-Of-Hours and Company Voicemail:

On-Hold Marketing: Replaces the silence, crackles, beeps or poor quality music played on-hold with more engaging voice information narrated over music keeping your callers fully engaged and informed of all your services.

Auto Attendance: Is used as a greeting and or to provide a number of department options, guaranteeing a professional customer experience.

Out-Of-Hours: A professional production played outside of your standard business hours, providing your clients with useful information, out of hours support and contact details.

Company Voicemail: A professional scripted and voice production allowing your callers to leave important messages for you to act on at your convenience.