Environmental Policy Statement

We take a responsible interest in the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution related to our signage, graphics and embroidery services, along with the impact that it may have on it.


We seek to act in accordance with best practice, comply fully with all relevant legislation and other specified Environmental requirements in order to enhance the quality of the environment and recycle materials as appropriate.
We will co-operate with all our national clients and local authorities with responsibility for the regulation and monitoring of our business activities likely to have an adverse effect on the environment.


We will adopt procedures to identify and assess risk to the environment posed by our activities and the establishment of environmental objectives which lead to improvements in environmental performance.


We will seek to continually be aware of developments in materials and processes and where possible adopt alternatives to further reduce harm to the environment.


We will inform, instruct and train our staff and contractors in the proper handling, discharge, recycling and/or disposal of substances likely to harm the environment.


Our employees and contractors are required to ensure that they act responsibly and comply with current environmental standards and have regard to the achievement of those standards as a minimum.


With particular reference to:

  • The control of all substances that may be hazardous to the environment.
  • Energy use in buildings to enable conservation.
  • The use of plant and vehicles.
  • The prevention of unnecessary waste and the control of refuse and recycling of waste/materials.
  • Control of plant and equipment in all activities.

By implementing and managing this policy we aim to contribute to the effective improvement of environmental performance.


Signed: Scott Cooper, Managing Director        Date: 28th January 2022

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