Fan Engagement App

We at Coops Group have designed a Predictor Game that engages the fan of sport.

Predictions are made before each sporting event with points being awarded based on the event results. After each event prizes are awarded to the top #Number highest scoring players.

It's a social platform which brings players and fans of the sport together to engage with players, sports partners and sponsors.

"It’s the difference between knowing you have fans and knowing who your fans actually are


The game can reference any underlying sport and allows teams and sports partners / sponsors to connect with the fans that not only can attend events but also the ones that can't, including fans who follow the sport on TV or online.

"Everybody WINS, The Sport, The Sponsors & The Fans" 


The platform is being used under the title Superbikes Challenge and is the official Fan Engagement App for British Superbikes (BSB).
It can be played online or via the app (IOS & Android).

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"We Warmly Embrace Fans To Feel More Valued & Appreciated" 


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