Coops Group part of The University of Westminster Initiative To Support Students

Date 28/04/2023


In a bid to boost students employability and finances in the cost-of-living crisis, the University of Westminster launched The Gallery Coffee Shop at Regent Street Campus on the 13th April. It is the only independent artisan café on Regent Street, where unique students work are put on display and sold on the spot and through a dedicated online store.

Managing Director of Coops Group ‘Scott Cooper’ said “It was great to see the launch of the Gallery Coffee Shop by the University of Westminster. We are proud to be part of this initiative as we were instructed to provide signage for the Coffee Shop. We hope it’s a success for the university and its students.”

Read the full article of Westminster University website

The Gallery Coffee Shop was showcased on London Live, you can view the stream on the London Live website, on 33 minutes.


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