Company : Coops Group

Producer : Coops Group Design Team

Location : Glasgow

Business Sector : Design

Duration :

Date : 06/10/2022

Objective : Graphic Design

During the Covid lockdown AB2K Managing Director John Murphy saw potential in an old Mitsubishi van that was parked in one of the company yards. His brief was to create a road/rail welfare vehicle that could be used by rail workers in remote locations. A safe place where operators could get away from all elements of weather, from extreme cold to extreme heat. 

The RRV was refurbished and developed with seating for 7 people, a kitchen area with hot running water, cooking facilities and a separate toilet.

Coops Group was asked to help come up with a name and design for the welfare vehicle. The name decided on was ‘MADMESS’, a ‘mess on wheels’.   It tied in nicely with Quattro’s  Group’s MADVAX suction excavators and happened to be one of John Murphy’s favourite bands.

The ‘Madmess’ transformed into a tribute to Madness with an image of their famous ‘One Step Beyond’ album cover and the words ‘our house in the middle of the tracks’ on the side, as well as the AB2K postcode where the street sign was positioned.

The band was delighted with the design after Quattro Group’s press officer made contact and invited members to see the finished product on their tour of the UK.

‘Madmess’ is just one of a catalogue of unique and irreverent designs executed by Coops Group for the Quattro Group.

Managing Director Scott Cooper:
‘We are always happy to go one step beyond for AB2K.  Madmess was a truly collaborative effort.  We are elated that the band got to see our design.’

AB2K is part of the Quattro Group of companies, located all over the UK.
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MadMess has been nominated for a Rail Staff award - VOTE NOW 

Mark Bedford (Bedders) the bass player from Madness was first to see it and shared it with the rest of the band. He then he got in touch to pass on his love of the vehicle. Following this he recorded a video on behalf of the band.

Mark Bedford (Bedders) video