Company : Quattro Plant

Producer : Media Team - Coopsgroup

Location : Bournemouth to Upminster Air Drome in Essex

Business Sector : Sign Design & Media Production

Duration : 1 Week

Date : 14/06/2019

Objective : Sign Design and Vinyl Vehical Wrapping - Media PRODUCTION - Filmed, Edit & Distribute

Quattro Air was a project born out of a converstaion with Quattro Group's Managing Director John Murphy to support the companies celebrations of their 30th year in business. The idea was to come up with something quite special and when the opportunity to get our hands on an iconic piece of aviation history, he couldn't say no.

Coops Group managed the whole lifecycle of the project, from conception, to purchase of the plane, to the design, including the amazing sharks teeth and it being sprayed. Coops Group were there to sse it roll out of the hanger for it's maiden flight in the Quattro colours from Bournemouth to Upminster Air Drome in Essex.

Happy 30th Birthday to everyone at Quattro Group!